About Us

We created 4singles app, in the summer of 2010, to help people from all over the world find something (or someone) fun to do. Anyone with an iPhone and some time to kill can use this simple and exciting dating application. You'll never spend another night at home, bored and alone. With 4singles, you'll have a wide variety of interesting people to find, chat with and maybe even meet!
Finding your “type" will not be a problem because you can search using a vast amount of filters including eye color, hair length, height, age, distance, sexual orientation and many more!

And have no fear, the privacy settings will allow you to be as open or as confidential as you want. You can let people into your life or black list them right away if you don't like their vibe.

Using GPS technology, our app can show you all the other 4singles in your area. But don't let that limit you! You can check out the hotties in New York when you're walking Hollywood Blvd, or see who's ready to party in London when you're having “coffee" in Amsterdam! The possibilities are endless… and who knows? Maybe one of your random searches will be the beginning of an incredible adventure.

Let 4singles open the door to your wildest fantasies!

You can download the 4singles app from the App Store any time and get started with this GPS location-based, mobile, social networking app! The app comes in English, Hebrew, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish!